Topher Hamblett

Higher Ground International RUKIYA CENTER | Providence, Rhode Island

We have created a warm and inclusive space at HGI's Welcoming Headquarters, the organization's RUKIYA CENTER on the South-side of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. We have welcomed esteemed visitors from the Vice President of Liberia, the Honorable Joseph N. Boikai, RI Governor, Gina Raimondo, Senator Jack Reed, Lt. Governor, Dan McKee, Tony Maione, Executive Director of the United Way of RI, Congressman David Cicilline, Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, Director of Health of RI, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza, Topher Hamblett, Founder and President of the Foundation for West Africa, Rev. Don Anderson, Executive Director of RI State Council of Churches, Local City Council President Sabina Matos and members, Politicians, educators and community leaders, Non-profits directors, students and host of others have all experienced the embrace of our African culture and have seen first hand the real impact that Higher Ground International's work is making in the community and abroad.  

Rural Arthington, Liberia, West Africa

From HGI's first visit, traveling on an unbeaten path through the bushes of rural Arthington; and the organization's efforts since then to establish a foothold by building a meaningful partnership with the people living there; we have always remained focused on the mission and what drives us as an organization. We are driven by a passion for what we do, and a love for the people and place that we support.  


HGI's CEO and Board President celebrated Christmas with the children and residents of Arthington.


It is that passion and love that drove HGI's founder & CEO, Henrietta White-Holder and board president, Mackenzie L'Maree to travel from the US and Australia in December 2014 to check in on the organization's development work in Liberia and enjoy the Christmas holidays celebrating with the children and residents of the villages.

Over 200 people attended, some traveling on foot, for four or more hours from distant villages to participate in the merriment. It was such an exciting time and wonderful to see the sense of optimism and hope that these people has for what is to come for their community. The children were especially delightful.